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High Energy High Protein

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Importance of Whey Protein in Nutrition

While treatments and advanced care are now readily available, these may still take their toll on a cancer patient's nutrition. Nausea and loss of appetite are not uncommon side effects of cancer treatment thus affecting their ability to meet daily nutritional requirements. When prolonged, this can lead to general weight loss, loss of muscle mass and malnutrition. Eating a balanced diet especially one that encourages a boost in immunity levels, is essential for a patient's continued health and well-being.

What is Whey Protein

Whey protein is obtained from a cheese-making process that produces the liquid by-product called whey. It is made up of about 92-970/o protein and has low levels of cholesterol and fat. This form of protein is naturally complete as it contains all the amino acids essential for building healthy body tissues, muscles, nails, and skin.

How does Whey Protein help

Whey protein is highly soluble. It is easily digested and absorbed effectively in the digestive tract. It provides quick replenishment a repair to the body muscles, making it a "fast" protein and an excellent energy booster. For these reasons, athletes and body-building enthusiasts make whey protein part of their daily diets to enhance athletic performance and improve body composition.

Glutathione is an essential anti-oxidant for building and maintaining a healthy immune system. Cancer patients often have reduced glutathione levels and are more prone to infections as a result. Whey protein is rich in the amino acid cysteine which raises the body's glutathione levels, giving the immune system a much needed boost.

Sources of Whey Protein

Lean red meat chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and cheese are just some of the high-protein food sources. Whey protein, however, can only be extracted from whey, and as such, is generally produced in powder form.

What our experts say

Protein is an essential nutrient for the formation of new tissue, repair of old tissue, and building blocks for hormones and enzymes. In times of need, whey protein powder provides an excellent choice of supplementing protein in your diet. Ensuring sufficient daily protein and calorie intake will help boost your body immunity levels.

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