CanHOPE is a non-profit cancer counselling and support service provided by Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore.


Sharing is the most powerful when people connect with a cause and a meaning. Make time today to support your favourite cause. Together, we can impact the lives of those with cancer. There are various volunteering initiatives that provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, corporate groups and schools. You can sign up for volunteer opportunities that best suit your time, interest, skill and resources. We invite you to explore how you can help as an individual, an organisation or as a group.


To address the physical, emotional and social efforts of cancer, we offer a wide range of support services to help patients cope and recover. Our support programmes provide opportunities for patients to connect with others who are in similar situations. In support groups, patients and caregivers discover that they are not alone. They learn from the knowledge and experience of others and receive encouragement, support and suggestions for dealing with difficult situations. Here, incredibly talented volunteers organise support groups and activities to bond patients through a variety of workshops imparting skills such as craftwork, massage therapy, music, line dancing, tai chi and knitting.


Through our befriender service, CanHOPE aims to match suitable CanFRiENDs to respective cancer patients or caregivers, regardless of which stage they are into their cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis through all phases of treatment and beyond. The support continues into your cancer-free survival years. Do not be surprised to meet volunteers who are also cancer patients themselves. These volunteers feel strong enough to support an assignee through his/her cancer journey, and their friendship usually puts them at an advantaged position as they can truly empathise with another family going through the same passage.

Corporate Volunteering

Besides matching individuals and coordinating their involvement in support group programmes, CanFRiEND may also partner corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are interested to encourage their employees in reaching out to cancer patients through volunteering or philanthropy opportunities.

In response to heightened interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and an exponential increase in enquiries about corporate volunteering, CanFRiEND may be invited to assist with developing volunteer programmes and/or strategic projects in corporate giving. Given the strong growth in interest on how companies can effectively be engaged in philanthropic initiatives over the past few years, CanFRiEND recognises the vast potential for us to ride on such opportunities to benefit cancer patients.

We have a range of services and initiatives to address the different aspirations of companies. Corporate involvement can come in the form of:

  • assisting with research and providing information on cancer
  • contributions from skilled/speciality groups (nurses, lawyers, artists, musicians, etc)
  • support in publicity and outreach programmes
  • support an event

Learn more about our many volunteer opportunities by contacting us here.