Fahma Sunarja

Manager and Senior Dietitian
Allied Health
Parkway Cancer Centre

BSc (Nutrition, NZ), Postgrad Dip (Dietetics, NZ), Certified Sports Dietitian (SDA, Aust)

Graduated from University of Otago, New Zealand in Nutrition and Dietetics, obtained certificate in paediatrics liver transplant nutrition management from University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and obtained further education certificate in sport nutrition for dietitian from Sports Dietitian Australia, Canberra, Australia. Recently attended a course in Nutritional Medicine by Australasia College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Sydney, Australia.

Fahma started as a clinical dietitian at National University Hospital. She specialized in paediatrics, metabolic syndrome and foodservice nutrition management. Thereafter, she managed Sport Nutrition unit at the Singapore Sports Council, where she worked closely with the top athletes in helping them achieve their best performance with good nutrition.

She is currently practicing at Parkway Cancer Centre, pursuing her interest & developing specialty in cancer nutrition. She conducts nutrition workshops to create awareness of healthy lifestyle in the prevention of cancer. Also provides nutrition assessment, dietary counseling and developing resources on nutrition in cancer care. She is one of the authors for recipe book ‘Awakening the Appetite’ published by Parkway Cancer Centre. This book provides a compilation of recipes by renowned chefs, carefully thought to provide good nutrition for cancer patients and their caregivers. She hopes for patient to find a balance between enjoying one’s food and keeping body and mind healthy.