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Can I Take Supplements During Treatment?

Many types of supplements promising various health benefits and claims are available in the market. One must exercise caution when choosing supplements. Do have a good understanding of these supplements and why they need to be consumed?

Multi-vitamins and minerals pill which consists of no more than the upper limit of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for all their nutrients are safe to be consumed during treatment.

Antioxidant vitamins & minerals supplements, or phyto-nutrients & phyto-chemicals that act, as antioxidants are not encouraged to be consumed during treatment. There are controversies in the benefits of taking these supplements in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Supplements such as amino acids, protein powders are safe to be consumed during treatment. However, do ensure that the supplements are manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company.

If you are consuming any other supplement, it is best to discuss with your oncologist and/or dietitian to ensure that you are getting the benefit of these supplements and not overloading your body with unnecessary pills.

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